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Below are some examples of our completed sites...

Featured Sites - KGWO

Kelvin Grove Wind Orchestra

I thoroughly enjoyed building a site for the KGWO.† It's another community group, and they needed an affordable and self-managable site.† Components included in their site are:

  • Event Calendar
  • Photo Gallery
  • Guestbook
  • Map eEmbedding
  • Audio Player
  • Image Scroller

Featured Sites - July

Index Computer Solutions

Index's website†was a hard-coded HTML site, and the style of it hadn't changed much in years.† Their new site, launched 22nd July, in now easily managed and changed.† The template is clean and fast-loading,†the menu†system provides fast, organised access to alot of information and highlights the†page the visitor†is on.† The download area is†user-level controlled, allowing clients and†other higher-level users access to non-public documents.†We have further enhancements planned for the future, such as subscription newsletters and support forums.

Sparkies Electrical

After being quoted $7,000 for a managed website including Flash components, or $3,500 for a non-Flash site with a content management system to allow the owner to modify or add to the site, another of my clients suggested Barry contact me for an estimate.† In a matter of days, the site was ready, with only a few small adjustments needed and the client's content to be finished.† He now has a site that includes a content managment system and professional template, for less that 10% of that original quote - including the registration and hosting for the first year!

Featured Site - Freeman

After many months in development, the new site was ready for launch on 17th March, 2009.
Visit their new site at

We have transformed the site from a hard-coded html site into a flexible and easy-to-maintain site, using a content management system and a professionally-developed template loaded with features.† This site can be totally maintained and updated by the staff at Freeman Productions.


Business Sites

Index Computer Solutions

Today's accounting systems have become the focal point of modern business.† INDEX is a fully certified business partner of ACCPAC International and INDEX staff are fully trained and qualified in installation and support of all ACCPAC products.

This site uses a clean, fast-loading template with a great menu system.† There is a download manager installed, which allows access to some files only by registration, approval and login.† Plans are in place for a client-only access are in the future.

Sparkies Electrical

Sparkies Electrical are located on the Gold Coast but caters for the Tweed & Brisbane areas.† With 21 years experience in the Electrical trade, they offer invaluable experience in all Electrical, Data & Communication and also Air Conditioning installation.

This site is a straight-forward information site with no twizzly bits.† It had a quick build time, up and running in two days, with the image changer on the home page built into the off-the-shelf template.

Freeman Productions

Freeman Productions is a true Australian Company. Owned by an Australian and printed right here in Australia. Their Calendars are Australia's most affordable calendars, provided to you with excellent Customer Service and a Satisfaction Guarantee that is first class.

This site is image-rich, with slideshows-a-plenty.† Each of Freemans' calendars are displayed with an image scroller and a slideshow.† There is also a comprehensive menu structure.† With so many modules working together, this is one of my favourite demo sites.

Argyle Dental Studio

Argyle Dental Studio laboratory is in Albion, Brisbane.† They specialise in making bridges and crowns for dental surgeries all over Australia.

This site includes Community registration, limited-access areas, group newsletters and a glossary pop-up component.  Planned extensions include paid registrations for access to training manuals and videos, specialist forum, and detailed product catalog.

On Track 4wd Centre

On Track 4wd Centre is based in Slacks Creek, Brisbane, servicing and customising 4wd vehicles.

This site includes a photo gallery and calendar, registrations and login, and a banner image rotator.

Beer O'Clock

Beer O'Clock is an online networking resource for IT Professionals in Brisbane (and further!)

This site incorporates a growing number of extensions, such as Community registrations and login, latest members and who's online, banner ads for sponsors, forum, polls, events and newsletters.  Modules currently in progress include member classifieds, projects, glossary/wiki.



North Group Australia

North Group is a Sydney-based company, supplying building materials in and around Sydney.

This site is a straight-forward information site at this stage.† However SiRCIT is currently implementing their CRM system and we plan to ingrate online enquiries and orders directly into it.



Tessa Gallery Studio

Tessa Gallery Studio helps schools, clubs and charities with a unique fund-raising opportunity.

This site includes Community registration and login, image gallery on entry.† Modules yet to be developed and implemented include online enquiries and orders, order tracking and projects.

Scrappin' Chicks

Scrappin' Chicks is a scrapbooking supplier based on the northside of Brisbane.

As at November 2007, this site is under construction, and we hope to include a full online store next year.

Online Stores

Aussie Software

Our online store specialising in Australian Educational Software. 

The store includes PayPal option upon checkout, wholesale pricing and ordering, and weight-based shipping calculation.


JAS Stickers

JAS Stickers produce and internationally distribute a huge range of outdoor stickers.  Most people will have seen their frangipanis, bullet holes and geckos adorning cars.  They also produce custom stickers and signs.

The store is is provided by the manufacturer for wholesale customers and includes client login, wholesale pricing and ordering, and weight-based shipping calculation.  Visitors to the site have access to the full product catalog, but pricing and orders are disabled.

We host the site and originally installed and built the database, however JAS now fully maintain the site themselves and all graphics are their own.


Stickers n Things

This store is an online retailer for the JAS Stickers product range.  Their site is built on the same database structure as the JAS Stickers site, includes product options, weight-based shipping calculation, and PayPal option upon checkout.


Mounted Picture

Direct Framing is a Brisbane framing business.  Through this store, they now sell a range of block-mounted prints for shipping Australia-wide.

The store features related product links, product options, flat-rate shipping and most popular products.

Club and Charity Sites

Twin Rivers 4x4 Club

Twin Rivers 4x4 Club, Inc is a non-profit organisation, a club for four-wheel driving enthusiasts in the Albert and Logan area.

This site includes Community registration and login, who's online, events calendar, guestbook, user submissions, photo gallery including scroller on front page, polls.  Modules to come include forum and member classifieds.


Rose Lovers Association

The Roselovers’ Association Inc. is a non-profit organisation.  The membership consists of over two hundred rose enthusiasts.

This site is a single-page information site.

Family Sites

My own family site.  We have photo albums, "blogs" and news, controlled by registration and login permissions.  The "blog" area loads a completely different set of templates, with each family member having their own colour scheme.

Address withheld for privacy.


Another family site, also with controlled access through registration and login to the gallery, "blogs" and news.  This site also includes it's own private chat room for the kids and their friends.  Again, each family member has their own colour scheme for their pages.

Address withheld for privacy.


Originally a rebuild of a blogspot travel journal, this site has expanded to include family news to keep relatives and friends around the world up to date.  It includes an image scroller on the front page, again, access to some content and photos is controlled by registration and login.

Address withheld for privacy.

Demo Sites

Aussie Portals

Our main testing site.  With a growing number of clients, requirements and requests are varied and diverse.  Rather than experimenting and testing with our clients' live sites, we use Aussie Portals to develop, test, break and fix extensions before implementation.  This also allows clients to test and change their features without affecting functionality of their live sites.


Fairy Net

Fairy Net is the online presence of Australia's Fairies.  This site was originally developed as a fully-functioning demo site, and will include many extensions not featured on other working sites.  However, it is also a live site with current members and contributions.  It is a continual work in progress.

This site includes Community registration and login, restricted member areas, template changer, photo gallery, newletters, polls, and user submissions.


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