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With access to several of Australia's major software distributors, we have been able to fulfill all of our clients' needs.  We have everything from PC and Console games, home and business software to network operating systems.

Aussie Educational Software - our specialty!

We have also sourced the most popular Australian educational software, as used in schools, for home use - available through our online store.

Several years ago, when I started assisting at computer classes at my daughter's primary school, I saw alot of Australian software, developed for the Australian school curricula, that I had never seen before.  The kids loved these games!  Hoping to get some of these programs for our kids' computers at home, I rang around the usual stores and then my main suppliers but came up empty-handed.  Determined to find these games, I eventually tracked down most of the developers or distributors and was pleased to find that most titles are actually available in home versions, but dismayed to find that the major software retailers don't stock them 

Figuring that there must be other parents out there wanting these programs but also unable to find them, I gathered all the titles I could find and started Aussie Software with the most popular ones.  We also run catalog sales through schools and other groups, with a percentage of sales going back as fundraising - similar to the book club catalogs most parents are familiar with.

The feedback from customers I have spoken with has been wonderful.  As I suspected, many other parents have been looking for these programs and I am glad that we have been able to cater to a group that no-one else has.  By far, the most popular-selling title is Targeting Maths Labs and to date, I believe I have the only online source of the home version!  They're maths games, but they're really, really fun!  (And WAY cheaper than a new Playstation or X-Box game.)

Whilst we agree that computer games (PC or Console) in general have some value in that kids learn that they need to try and try and try again until they get 'it' before they can move up to the next level, in a sense learning perserverance and developing a "skill", it's just disappointing that the range of games flooding the market do not tend to have much educational value.


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