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Concourse IT can establish an online store for your business.† Features of the stores include:

  • Structured Product tree, with categories and sub-categories down to five levels.† Each category can have it's own description and image if required.
  • Custom Product Options, such as size or colour, style, singles or packs.† You are not limited to one option per products.
  • Multiple Categories per product, allowing items more chances to appear during browsing.
  • Top-selling products can be displayed.
  • Related Products can be linked to help generate additional purchases.
  • Order notification by email and order tracking and searching.
  • PayPal integration.

The store templates have been developed and refined over many years, and are stable and reliable, and can be customised easily to suit your needs.

Here are a few examples of our customers' stores:† - our own store for the retail purchase of children's educational software. - choose from a huge collection of prints available for block mounting. - manufacturers of durable outdoor stickers. - primary online retailer for JAS Stickers' range of stickers for cars and other personal applications.

We are currently testing two other eCommerce systems readily available for the online market and will post updates on those here in the near future.† We plan to have two of these systems¬†fully integrated into our site for demonstration purposes once we have finished testing and evaluation.

Both systems will have front-end customisation available to the storeholder, either through Dreamweaver, Frontpage or Joomla.

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